Latest BOINC happenings

It is time to tell us what you think. We are conducting a poll to determine where the hot spots are for what needs to happen with BOINC. We welcome all kinds of feedback, the more people that respond and the better coverage we get, the more we can improve BOINC and help the projects improve their overall experience.

You can find the poll here:

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I turned on my TV this weekend to catch up on some of my recordings and I found this in my wait recorded queue:
Rosetta Presentation

I have my media center setup to record any of the Computer Science Colloquium from the University of Washington that comes on UWTV. It happens to be David Baker of R@H giving a presentation to the computer science students about how Rosetta works and how they use the results. He even gave BOINC a plug and discussed how R@H was changing how they do things.

We have had some nice press within the last week, here are some of the articles:
Use your computer idle time for a great cause
Putting your computer to work to fight against malaria in Africa
Coming down to Earth