Things you see in Florida

So yesterday Candace and I were outside and noticed a little snake trying to eat a small frog. The snake wasn’t actually able to swallow te frog and eventualy the frog got away. Here is a picture of Candace holding the snake before putting back in the yard.

I took a bunch of pictures of the snake trying to swallow the frog, they can be found in the Photo Album.

—– Rom

HTC P3300 Artemis

So, for the second time in my life I have purchased a cell phone. My first ever cell phone was a Star Tak which broke on my first trip anywhere. I’m hoping for a longer life with this phone. I wouldn’t have even purchased this phone except David asked me to make sure I had a backup plan for an Internet connection when I move in December.

The specs on this Phone/PDA/GPS are pretty impressive, but had I known about the upcoming release of the HTC P3350 Polaris I might have waited a few weeks.

The feature I’m most excited about is the built in GPS, I’ve been wanting to get one for awhile but don’t travel enough to justify a special purpose device like a GPS. I’m sure Shane and I will put it too some good use in Ft. Myers since we will both be new to the area.

The big features for me are:

  • Windows Mobile 5/6
  • Quad-Band cellular phone (world wide support for GSM)
  • Recharge off of a USB connection
  • Supports tethering
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Supports GPS
  • Supports Direct-Push Email
    (Basically my email, calendar, contacts, and task list will stay in sync between my desktop, notebook, phone, and web app)

So, now I guess I’m ready to join the rest of the cell phone carrying world.

—– Rom

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