BOINC Simple GUI Refresh, Part II

Hot off the presses with the latest and greatest look and feel of the simple GUI:

We are getting closer to getting these improvements to alpha and beta testing. The guys at World Community Grid are doing a fantastic job.

Hovering over each project icon, which each project can have it’s own icon, displays additional information:

Clicking on the project icon brings up a list of the project’s web site links that are currently displayed in the advanced GUI as buttons on the left hand side of the screen.

Some stuff still needs some more fine tuning, like the preferences dialog:

Ideally the do work between settings and connect to Internet between settings should have both a start and end time instead of just a start time. World Community Grid is in the process of tweaking their skin, so that is why the preferences dialog looks so different from the main window.

I’ll try and address some concerns brought up by this thread on the S@H forums.

1. The Simple GUI is being written in the wxWidget framework. Although it looks like, at least for the first release, we’ll only have it enabled for Windows. There are some potential issues we will need to cook on a bit longer for Linux and Mac with regards to fonts, globalization, and localization which will take a bit longer to address.

2. While the simplified view of the clients activities is getting a face lift, we are going to add some more information to the advanced view:

  • Bring able to hide the task pane.
  • Context menus
  • Property pages for both projects and tasks. Property pages should be able to display LTD/STD information. Stuff like that.

This is getting pretty exciting.

—– Rom