BOINC 2nd Pan-Galactic Workshop

This years workshop was very informative. It was really exciting to see the project leaders for some of the large projects as well as meet the project leaders for projects like PrimeGrid and Chess960@Home who started the projects as hobbies and who pay for them out of donations and out of their own pocket.

Here are a list of projects that I remember seeing right off the top of my head, sorry if I missed anybody:

  • BOINCStats
  • GridRepublic
  • S@H
  • CPDN
  • PrimeGrid
  • Chess960@Home
  • LHC@Home
  • Africa@Home
  • QMC@Home
  • R@H
  • WCG
  • Condor

On the first day, David gave an overall BOINC update of everything thast has been accomplished within the last year, since the first pan-galactic workshop and various projects described what they had been up too. People also had a chance to list out what topics of interest they had for break out sessions on the second day.

We wrapped up after the first day and went out to eat dinner at a fairly nice place to eat. I had to leave early since the motel I was staying at closed their gates at 11pm.

The next day we spent the morning in breakout sessions which included some of the following topics:

  • Credits
  • Grid Integration
  • Security
  • AMS Issues
  • Project Issues
  • Science Application Feature requests

I attended the sessions on security and project issues.

I can’t wait to see the summary role up for all the break-out sessions.

After lunch, we assembled and brain stormed about how to attract new members and new projects.

The last session of the day was for David and I to listen to everybodies wishlist of features. Some of which included the server-side code for CPU feature scheduling, torrent downloads, some more work refining our sample application, and others.

All-in-all it was a great event. Now we just need to come up with a plan to implement it all.

Catch you all later. I’m still on vacation and will return to my normal schedule after the 28th.

If you all want to see additional pictures from the conference you can go here.

—– Rom